Introducing MightyWP Theme Shop

Welcome! First of all, I want to introduce you to MightyWP. It is a new project, a WordPress theme shop being launched today.


For a long time, I’ve worked in creating sites for me and for my clients. Usually using my own code. Years later that code allowed me to create a small content management system (CMS) that I kept developing and still today powers many sites.

In the last couple of years, my focus has changed. I took over a couple of sites and both were using WordPress. So I had to start learning how WordPress works in terms of design and code.

The Main Idea Behind MightyWP

Right now I need several new themes. Some of those themes to power my own websites and some to use in client sites. So I’ve decided to launch a small theme shop to help me manage all this.

It allows me to create what I need because I will be using my own themes. At the same time, I may be helping others because many of these themes will have free versions.

My first focus was not on developing many themes but activating MightyWP site. Theme shop, subscriptions, automatic theme updates, SSL, content delivery network (CDN) and much more are already working.

MightyWP site still needs lots of work and of course a full working site with great content which I’m working on right now.

MightyWP Themes

What type of themes can you expect at this stage from MightyWP?

Do you know the phrase “Less is more”?

That means MightyWP themes will use a minimalist approach. I will not use any “front end frameworks” known. First themes will be based off Underscores, a starter theme for WordPress. After that, I will already have a good codebase and will go from there.

It also means that themes will not have any complex options, no sliders, and no page builder plugins. MightyWP themes will be easy to use.

I will use several of my themes on my own sites which will help me catch issues and help improve those themes. And I will keep improving themes adding new features and updating them after the first version.

My first theme, a blog / magazine theme named Publisherly. You can already download version 1.0.0 and try it. A Pro version will be launched soon and I will keep developing and adding new features to both versions.

I’m still learning a lot about theme development and theme distribution so expect a lot of new stuff in coming months.

I will publish new posts regularly here so you can follow what is happening at MightyWP.